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From a male LIB reader

The man I work for only sleeps with girls aged 17 and below. If a girl is above 17 he says they are too old and refuses to have sex with them. My boss is in his 40s, and has five kids. He his very rich so he picks on young girls from poor homes who are desperate for money to help their families. Before now the girls he sleeps with in the hotel he owns were usually 16, 17 but of recent they are becoming younger. The other day I met a girl in secondary school uniform in his room. I couldn’t ask how old she was because he’s my boss but she didn’t look a day older than 14. I know the age of consent in Nigeria is 13 but taking advantage of a 14 year old poor girl is repulsive. I was almost tempted to quit my job that day but I need the money. So what should I do? Is there anywhere I can go report him anonymously aside from LIB? Could he be punished for this?

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Source: Linda Ikeji

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Posted on Aug 16, 2013